Once upon a time, it was very important to have an "SCA Curriculum Vita"to present to people when you moved from group to group or Kingdom to Kingdom. In the spirit of this tradition, I have reviewed my own accomplishments within the SCA, and here present them to you.

If you go to my Educational Materials, you will find most of the online versions of my class notes that I have used to teach at various SCA workshops, collegia, and universities.

Honors, Awards, and Orders


Companion of the Order of the Pelican
Awarded 10/26/2002
by Cuan MacDaig & Padraigin O'hEachach
Grant of Arms
Awarded 3/21/1998
by Logan Ebonwoulfe & Arielle the Golden
Companion of the Order of the Golden Dolphin
Awarded 4/10/1999
by Stephan of Bellatrix & Niobe Lais of Bellatrix
Companion of the Order of the Pearl
Awarded 11/18/2000
by Anton Tremayne & Emer ny Reyly
Award of Arms
Awarded 5/22/1993
by Cuan Macdaig & Arianwen the Nimblefingered
Companion of the Order of the Gordian Knot
Awarded 3/30/1996
by Corwyn Wodewarde & Deirdre Morgan
Companion of the Order of the Coill's Muse
Awarded 3/6/1999
by Corwyn Wodewarde & Deirdre Morgan
Baron's Award of Excellence
Awarded 3/24/2001
by Janos of Cyddlain Downs and Rachel Wallace
Companion of the Silver Nautilus
Awarded 3/27/2004
by Ragnarr Blackhammer & Kyneburh Boithuile
Companion of the Coill's Champions
Awarded 6/21/2003
by Janos of Cyddlain Downs and Rachel Wallace
Gordian Knot Herald
Elevated 12/6/97
by the Triton Principal Herald (Rhiannon Ui Neill)
Gordian Knot Pursuivant
Elevated 3/97
by Triton Principal Herald (Rhiannon Ui Neill)
Fellow of the University of Atlantia
Conferred 10/3/1998
by Mistress Keilyn FitzWarin, Chancellor
Baronial Artisan
Appointed 3/24/2002 - 6/21/2003
by Janos of Cyddlain Downs and Rachel Wallace

Offices Held

Canton of Falcon Cree
(Nov. A.S. 35 - Oct A.S. 37)
 Deputy Seneschal
Web Minister
Kingdom of Atlantia
 Clerk Signet Web Deputy (retired)
Canton of Falcon Cree
 Web Minister (retired)
Kingdom of Atlantia
Clerk Signet (current)
Clerk Signet Web Deputy (retired)
Head of Nottinghill Coill Scriptorium (current)
Kingdom of Atlantia, Herald-at-Large

Barony of Nottinghill Coill--
 Gordian Knot Herald (retired)
Canton of Falcon Cree (retired)
Canton of Cyddlain Downs (retired)
Commenting herald:
  Laurel (retired)
  Midrealm Internal (retired)
  East Internal (retired)
Arts & Science
Canton of Falcon Cree
 Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences
Minister of Arts & Sciences
(Oct. A.S. 37 - Oct. A.S. 38)
Barony of Nottinghill Coill
 Deputy Chronicler
(A.S. 35)
Canton of Falcon Cree
 Acting Exchequer
Canton of Falcon Cree
 Deputy Archer Marshal

Events Autocratted



Items of Note

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival 3/1/2002 A celebration and gathering of the artisans of the Kingdom of Atlantia.
Passage to the East I: The English Anarchy 4/9/1999 - 4/11/1999 - (co-autocratted with Lady Ealthryth of Humberstone) This is an event based entirely around the Reign of King Stephen of England. For further details on this event, please visit the web pages linked to above.
Toys for Tots Tourney 12/1996 - (co-autocratted with Lady Ealdthryth of Humberstone) New site--The Pavillion. The year's recipient of the Sword was His Royal Majesty, Logan Ebonwoulfe. Other prizes included teddy bears garbed(and armed) in outfits appropriate to the contest won. The bears' weapons were even wrapped in duct tape, and "edged" with two point graphics tape. The bears were donated by Lord Eldred and Lady Ealdthryth, and were outfitted by Lord Eldred, Lady Isabeau Crannach, and Lady Glee of Falcon Cree. We collected over 100 toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots charity.
Pennsic Paupers Potluck 8/1995 - (co-autocratted with Lord Torquil MacTaggart the Steadfast)  
Toys for Tots Tourney 12/1993 - (co-autocratted with Baron Rufus Barbarossa) Original site was "lost" at last minute, but we had an alternate site lined up and ready to use. The first year the "Toys for Tots Tourney" sword was presented. The sword has become a rotating tournament prize, and includes a beautiful sheepskin lined leather sheath that is tooled and dyed. This work was done by Lady Glee of Falcon Cree and Magnus MacIain Craig. The year's recipient of the Sword was Duke Cuan MacDaige(then Count). Very cool pottery "Toys for Tots" display plates were made and provided by Artorius Conchobhar. We collected over 200 toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots charity.


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